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Original Canned Air From Zurich, Switzerland

Original Canned Air From Zurich, Switzerland

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Bring the fresh and crisp air of Zürich into your home with Canned Air from Zürich! This middle-sized can is a fun and unique souvenir with witty texts and images printed on it.

Measuring 88mm (3.46 inches) in height and 86mm (3.38 inches) in diameter is the perfect way to remember your time in the city.

The Air Formula found inside this mysterious can contains a powerful, compelling aroma that has been known to drive even the most well-mannered citizen into an insatiable business frenzy. Those brave enough to venture beyond its sealed lid find themselves irresistibly drawn towards potential tax evasion schemes and massive sums of money. So much in fact, it requires tight security measures just for safekeeping.

Take a deep breath and let the stress of life drift away! With Canned Air from Zürich, it's like taking a mini vacation to Switzerland every time you open up the can. Easy-to-understand English descriptions make this product easy for anyone - whether they've been there before or are planning their first trip. Get your own taste of Zurich today, and remember that city break fondly!

Feeling a bit blue? Don’t stress! Pop open a can of Fattrol Zürich Air and be transported back to your fun time in the city. It's the perfect present too – forget those boring magnets, cups & plates - this one comes with its atmosphere attached!

The Air Formula is:

20% Bahnhofstrasse
10% Lindenhof
10% Fraumunster
20% Zurichsee and Lake Promenade
10% Uetliberg
10% Zuricher Opernhaus
10% Kunsthaus
10% Grossmünster

*consumption in large quantities can cause an unexplained urge to launder money and evade taxes.
*strong smell of money inside.
*this can is better preserved in a guarded vault.

For a unique souvenir of beautiful Zürich, check out Canned Air from the innovative art project! Get your hands on this one-of-a-kind can and surprise friends and family with an amusing way to remember your trip. The perfect combination of humor, packaging design excellence, plus you'll be breathing Swiss air – what's not to love?

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