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Original Canned Valentine's Day Spirit, gag souvenir, gift, memorabilia

Original Canned Valentine's Day Spirit, gag souvenir, gift, memorabilia

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Bring the spirit of love into your life with The Original Canned Valentine's Day Spirit! This middle-sized can is filled with the essence of love and measures 88mm (3.46 inches) in height and 86mm (3.38 inches) in diameter.

The Spirit Formula inside is a special blend of 20% Insane Romance, 10% Compassion, 10% Happiness, 20% Desire and Passion, 10% Kindness and Forgiveness, 10% Devotion and Affection, 10% Trust and Honesty, and 10% Respect and Security. This powerful combination of love and positive emotions strongly impacts both men's and women's feelings.

Please be careful when opening the can as love will be in the air, and it is not suitable for use in public places. This 100% bio product will never leave you alone and play with your emotions, serving as a light in the darkest hours.

The Original Canned Valentine's Day Spirit makes an excellent gift for loved ones and is a unique and meaningful way to celebrate your love and mutual affection. Looking for a customized version? Check out our shop for a personalized Canned Love Spirit.

The Spirit Formula is:

20% Insane Romance
10% Compassion
10% Happiness
20% Desire and Passion
10% Kindness and Forgiveness
10% Devotion and Affection
10% Trust and Honesty
10% Respect and Security

*Love is in the air after opening, be careful. Don't use in public places.
*Has a strong positive impact on both men’s and women's feelings.

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