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Customizable Original Canned Love Spirit

Customizable Original Canned Love Spirit

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There's nothing more satisfying than expressing your love this Valentine’s Day with the Original Canned Love Spirit! Standing tall at 88mm and 86mm wide, you'll find all kinds of wonderful ingredients inside: Insane Romance for the daring hearts out there, Compassion to show how much you care, lots of Happiness to keep spirits high plus Desire & Passion so things start getting...passionate.

We've thrown in Kindness & Forgiveness too because we figure it helps every now and then! Oh, but we didn't forget Devotion& Affection as well as Trust & Honesty – two very important bits required for any romantic journey.

And lastly, Respect & Security just so that everyone knows they are loved no matter what - packaged safe ‘n sound within our 100% bio product formulation #Winner!

Unleash the power of ever-lasting love with a can opener! Open up Canned Love Spirit and be ready for romance - you may find yourself swept away by an emotional rollercoaster. Whether it's in your darkest hour or just to have some fun, this powerful spirit will never leave you alone.

Tired of the same old gifts? Then forget flowers and chocolate; it's time to give your loved one something truly unforgettable! Give them a canful (literally!) of Love with Original Canned Love Spirit. It'll show how much you care in a unique way like no other - so get some now and celebrate love!

The Spirit Formula is:

20% Insane Romance
10% Compassion
10% Happiness
20% Desire and Passion
10% Kindness and Forgiveness
10% Devotion and Affection
10% Trust and Honesty
10% Respect and Security

*Love is in the air after opening, be careful. Don't use in public places.
*Has a strong positive impact on both men’s and women's feelings.

The can is CUSTOMIZABLE. After purchase, please send us the NAMES which will appear on the can.

ATTENTION! Show that special someone you care about by ordering the can before February 14th! But don't wait too long - allowing at least two weeks for delivery should be plenty. Don't let this golden opportunity slip away; surprise your loved ones with something extra sweet and get to shopping now! 

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