Air From Rome, Italy



Make sure to take a little piece of Rome with you wherever life takes you! Our Canned Air from Rome is the perfect way to make your friends chuckle and give them an everlasting souvenir. We've taken all the best sights and smells this Eternal City offers and compressed them into one convenient can: imagine Gianicolo, Castel Sant Angelo - even some Ponte Sisto for good measure! Castel Sant'Angelo Fortress, Trevi Fountain vibes, and more — making it a great reminder of all the Italian wonderment that filled your trip. Now all there's left for you to do? Just pop open this little souvenir…e ci vediamo più tardi Roma!

A whiff of our Roman air is like taking a time machine back to the streets of Rome! Our luscious, eco-friendly blend envelops you in la dolce vita and pizza al taglio scents, while St. Peter's Basilica, Piazza della Repubblica and Pantheon aromas bring tears of nostalgia - all lovingly packaged by skilled hands so you can read it comfortably in English. Relax with this stress reliever today for 100% bio tranquillity right at home!

If you've never had the pleasure of visiting Rome, don't despair! Now it can come to your doorstep with a single click - introducing Fattrol Canned Air from Rome. Give friends and family something special they won't find anywhere else outside Italy; an unforgettable gift filled with La dolce vita vibes in every breath! Pass up those magnet souvenirs for once...they'll thank you later.

The Air Formula is:

20% Gianicolo
10% Castel Sant Angelo
10% Trevi Fountain
20% Palatine Hill
10% Ara Pacis Museum
10% Gianicolo
10% Ponte Sisto
10% The Spanish Steps

*may have strong la dolce vita scent and pizza al taglio smell inside.
*May contain traces of the St. Peter's Basilica, the Piazza della Repubblica and the Pantheon.