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Original Canned Air From Berlin, gag souvenir, gift, memorabilia

Original Canned Air From Berlin, gag souvenir, gift, memorabilia

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Give your friends the smell of history! This unique memento from Berlin is a must-have for anyone who loves to travel. Canned Air from Berlin packs all that vibrant energy and rich culture into 88mm of fun – plus you get an added bonus: 25% Brandenburg Gate, 10% Potsdamer Platz, 10% Kurfürstendamm, 20 Reichstag and more - with traces of Curry Wurst aroma thrown in for good measure (or should we say great smell?). Now THAT'S what I call air freshener!

Escape the ordinary and get a whiff of Berlin with Canned Air! 

Mist up your world with a try of Berlin air and chase away the blues! Canned Air from Germany's cosmopolitan capital offers everyone an easy way to transport their favorite city right into their living room. Not sure what we mean? Take in deep breaths of nostalgia—order today for sweet relief against stress, homesickness or any other kinds of sorrows you may face!

The Air Formula is:

25% Brandenburg Gate
10% Potsdamer Platz
10% Kurfürstendamm
20% Reichstag
15% Tiergarten
10% Charlottenburg
10% Checkpoint Charlie

ATTENTION! May still contain traces of Americans, British, French, Russians and Curry Wurst.

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