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Original Canned Air From Ancona, Italy

Original Canned Air From Ancona, Italy

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Get a unique gust of Ancona with this whimsical canned air souvenir! This little can packs big flavor as it features the distinct and delightful smells from iconic locations such as Arco di Traiano, Monumento ai Caduti, and Cattedrale San Ciriaco. At only 88mm (3.46 in) high by 86 mm(3.38in) wide don't let its size fool you – one sniff will have your mind soaring through The Marche region's sights & sounds like never before!

Refresh your memories with a blast of Ancona air! This playful canned souvenir is the perfect gift to start conversations, bring home mementos and share laughter. Understand everything you read, too; all descriptions on these cans are printed in English.

Let your home experience the fragrant wonders of Ancona with a can full of its fresh, nostalgic air! Get one today and fill up on good vibes reminiscent to grandmother's bread. It'll give you some serious package design goals and make sure every day feels like a vacation in beautiful Ancona - all without leaving the comfort of your own house!

The Air Formula is:

20% Arco di Traiano
10% Monumento ai Caduti
10% Parco del Cardeto
20% Cattedrale San Ciriaco
10% Mole Vanvitelliana
10% Grotte del Passetto
10% Fontana del Calamo
10% Porto di Ancona

*May contain traces of grandmother's bread.

Struggling with stress, homesickness or just a case of the blues? Reach for Ancona's magical fresh air! Crafted lovingly by careful hands and delivered straight to you in an English-labeled can – this 100% bio product is sure to cure what ails you. 

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