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Customizable Air From Prague

Customizable Air From Prague

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Canned Air from Prague is a middle-sized empty can, a gag souvenir with witty printed texts and images. The Canned Air of Prague comes with an attractively printed label featuring iconic landmarks and scenery.

The label's design is as effortless and straightforward to decipher as the bright blue sky over Prague's iconic Charles Bridge on a pleasant summer morning. The abundant azure shade reflects the Czech Republic, nicknamed "the country of one hundred spires."

If you can't be with your family and friends in person, Canned Air from Prague is the perfect way to let them know they're on your mind. This humorous keepsake will bring a gleaming smile to their face while also reminding them of all the beautiful experiences you've shared during your time spent in Prague. It is an ideal gift for someone special, and its lively colors sure spark exciting conversations! So why not keep the memory alive with this unique souvenir? Keep adventuring - get yourself some Canned Air from Prague now!

The Air Formula is:
10% - air from Wenceslas Square
20% - air from Charles Bridge
25% - air from Old Town Square
15% - air from Prague Castle
10% - air from Lesser Town
10% - air from Zlata Street
10% – air from the Jewish Quarter (יוספוב)

Manufactured with attentive care, our product is 100% organic Czech air from Prague. Its restorative powers can help relieve stress and cure homesickness while calming nostalgia symptoms. All labels on the container are crafted in English for easy understanding!

Choose between three options:
1. Text Line – add your text line under the main title in the center of the label
2. Name & Date in Heart – add your names and date in a heart

Experience the beauty of Prague without ever leaving your home with Air of Prague! Filled to the brim with air from some of Europe’s most iconic cities, this unique art project offers gorgeous cans that will surely be appreciated by those who love good design, humor, and tiny details. Keep one for yourself as a reminder, or give it as a gift – either way, you're bound to make everyone smile when they receive their piece of City today!


The can is 88 mm (3,46 in) high and 86mm (3,38 in) in diameter.

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