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Original Canned Air From Tokyo (a gag souvenir gift)

Original Canned Air From Tokyo (a gag souvenir gift)

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Get a taste of Tokyo with Canned Air! This fun and unique souvenir is perfect for bringing home some of Japan's most iconic spots. With witty texts and images printed on it, as well as 10% from locations like Shibuya Crossing, Roppongi Hills, Shinjuku Gyoen Garden & Kabukicho - you'll be able to experience everything this vibrant city has to offer in just one breath!

Even better? The can even withstand an earthquake magnitude up 9.0 or higher - so don't worry about giving your computer screen all that shaking while exploring everybody’s favorite Japanese capital :)

The Air Formula is:

10% Imperial Palace
10% Shibuya Crossing
10% Roppongi Hills
20% Shinjuku Gyoen Garden
10% Kabukicho
10% Scent of rikishi (力士)
10% Tsukiji Fish Market
10% Meiji Shrine
10% Tokyo Tower

*contains traces from Mount Fuji.
*This can is designed to withstand an earthquake of magnitude 9.0 or larger.
*Only inhale with your mask on.
*Soon available in all vending machines around the country.

Need a pick-me up? Get your daily dose of fresh, stress-relieving air from the Land Of The Rising Sun! Directly shipped to you in perfectly labeled English - just open and inhale. Homesickness has never been this easy to cure; close your eyes and let Tokyo come alive again with every breath. Experience true nostalgia as if it were still there before you ever left – no passport required!

Forget the souvenir shop trinkets, this time, bring home something special - a breath of fresh Tokyo air! Let your friends and family experience Japan without ever leaving their living rooms.

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