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Canned Air From Riga, Latvia

Canned Air From Riga, Latvia

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If you want to experience the unique culture and character of Riga without actually being there, then Canned Air from Riga is just what you need! It's a hilarious souvenir that comes in its own funny can with witty texts and images.

As for the air itself? Well, it's truly one-of-a-kind – each blend contains 20% Old Riga (the oldest part), 10% House of Blackheads, plus fractions of Jurmala beach vibes, Livs Square swag, Freedom Monument patriotism... not forgetting an extra dash or two Ruski jokes - all captured inside a single tin can! So why wait? Capture your slice today – bottoms up!

Are you ready for a wild ride? Don't leave Riga without trying out their signature canned air - one blast and it'll blow your socks off! Your visit won't be complete until you get this unique souvenir to bring home – guaranteed to keep the spirit of Latvia alive in any room.

The Air Formula is:

20% Old Riga
10% House of Blackheads
10% Central Market
20% Jurmala
10% Sun Stone
10% Livs Square
10% Freedom Monument
10% Laima Clock
*May contain traces of russians, Germans and Swedes

ATTENTION! Strong winds inside, might blow you off.

Unlock your inner traveler, no matter where you are in the world. Get a can of Riga's fresh air and let yourself be transported to this unforgettable city - cure homesickness, soothe your nostalgia and feel invigorated with each breath. Enjoy deep memories as soon as you open the box! Who knows? You might even break into a folk dance or two by its end.

Air from Riga is the gift that keeps on giving! Forget those boring magnets, cups and plates; when you bring home Air of Riga your friends will be totally fascinated. It's an art project perfect for people who appreciate good design, enjoy a laugh or two and always pay attention to detail. Now if only all gifts were this cool...

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