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Canned Air From London

Canned Air From London

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Get your fill of London's atmosphere from the comfort of home with our Canned Air straight from the city! This middle-sized, empty can is a hilarious souvenir to commemorate any visit - printed in bold colors and featuring witty images.

Measuring 88mm (3,46in) tall and 86mm (3,38in)-wide it contains a unique blend capturing all that London has to offer. Take some time for yourself at Buckingham Palace or join one last ride on The Tube; pick up this special 2012 edition containing no steroids but maybe even something extra! Whether you've visited before or just dreaming about it – get an authentic taste of England right here with our refreshingly funny yet surprisingly breathable take on fresh air... direct from London!

The Air Formula is:

20% Buckingham Palace
10% Piccadilly Circus
10% City of London
20% Big Ben
10% Double-decker Exhaust
10% Tower of London
10% The Tube
10% Hyde Park

*special 2012 edition, contains no steroids.
*every ninth can may be vandalized by a Banksy fan.

London air can do wonders! Ever longed for a bit of London's magic in times of stress, homesickness or nostalgia? Now you can bring the city home with 100% bio London Air. Get yourself a piece to remember its unique atmosphere and cure your blues whenever necessary; order it online if you haven't been lucky enough yet to have experienced this beautiful metropolis in person!

Forget the boring souvenirs, and give your friends and family an experience they'll never forget! Our Canned Air series is perfect for anyone with a good sense of humor who wants to spark conversations - after all, where else could you get air captured straight from London?!

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