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Canned Air From Honolulu, Hawaii

Canned Air From Honolulu, Hawaii

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Go ahead and take a breath of paradise! Our Canned Air from Honolulu, Hawaii. The souvenir is the perfect way to keep your vacation memories alive. From Diamond Head, Sandy Beach, Downtown Honolulu & more – this unique blend comes packed in an 88 mm tall can with witty texts and images that'll make you laugh while taking a deep pull on 20% Aloha Spirit (and possibly traces of plumeria leis too!).

But watch out - it's expanding every day due to those pesky volcanic eruptions, so don't forget yours at home or put off ordering one until tomorrow – who knows how big these cans will get then? Get your special swag today before they're completely filled up with fun Hawaii vibes!

The Air Formula is:

20% Diamond Head
10% Sandy Beach
10% Downtown Honolulu
20% North Shore, Hale’iwa
10% Chinatown
10% Waikiki
10% Waimanalo
10% Makaha

*this can is constantly expanding (from volcanic eruptions).
*May contain traces of aloha, plumeria leis, or saltwater.

Tired of feeling homesick or stressed? Try the natural cure - fresh air from Honolulu! Each can is lovingly crafted, with all descriptions in English. Collect a box and open one whenever you want to get away.

Visit paradise without leaving your home; order Air online today to feel yourself soaring over beautiful beaches and streets filled with soulful music…until reality comes back like a bad hangover – just close that lid for another hit of nostalgic bliss!

Give your friends and family something they'll love (and ask questions about!) by bringing home a can of Honolulu Air! The Canned Air series is an art project sure to pique the interest of those who adore great package design, appreciate humor, and have keen eyes for detail.

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