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Air From Denver, Colorado, USA

Air From Denver, Colorado, USA

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Put a (canned) Colorado adventure in your pocket with our unique Canned Air from Denver souvenir! This mid-sized can of fresh mountain air stands about 3 inches tall and is printed with hilarious sayings, so you never have to worry about running out of conversation starters.

We've crafted the perfect blend for afternoons spent on top Mount Evans or checking out LoDo – 20% Mt. Evans, 10% Boulder, 10% Mile High catch the drift? It's not quite Midas' Gold but we guarantee it'll give whatever room it's opened up in some serious Rocky Mountain flavor - use at your own risk; altitude sickness definitely isn't funny!

Air formula:

20% Mount Evans
10% Boulder
10% Mile High Stadium
20% City Park
10% LoDo and Cherry Creek
10% Coors Field
10% Denver Art Museum
10% Colorado State Capitol

*Air from a Mile-High City inside. Breathing without proper acclimatization can
lead to potentially serious, even life-threatening illnesses.
*Might contain malted barley and an antiseptic aroma of hops inside.
*Still contains no gold.

Stressed out or homesick? Get yourself a little pick-me-up right from the Mile High City! Fill your home with fresh Denver air and let it cure those blues ... no need to hop on an airplane, just order online.

Plus, this special product is 100% bio so you don't have to worry about any of that unnatural stuff - they even made sure all descriptions are in English for extra safety measures.

Whether as a reminder of good times spent there or getting ready for adventures ahead – get a can (or two!) today!

Introducing the one and only Fattrol Canned Air - it's an experience your friends and family will never forget! Forget about bringing home boring magnets, cups or plates from Denver. With this air-filled gift, you'll be sure to get all sorts of questions from your loved ones. Bring on those conversations with a package that stands out for its good design, humor & minute details.


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