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Canned Air From Curitiba, Brazil

Canned Air From Curitiba, Brazil

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 Experience the life of Curitiba, Brazil in a can with Fattrol Original Canned Air from Curitiba! Our air contains an exhilarating mixture of 20% Jardim Botânico energy, 10% Estrada Da Graciosa excitement factor and even traces of local cuisine like "pao de queijo", all to make your day full of more fun than ever before.

Perfect for those who want to take their Brazilian vibes beyond vacation pictures - get ready for unsuspected levels of 'fofo' and 'cafunè'. So don't wait any longer: Get that much-needed jolt today & fill your lungs (or just can?) with unforgettable feelings straight outta downtown Curitiba!

The Air Formula is:

20% Jardim Botânico
10% Estrada Da Graciosa
10% Parque Barigui
20% Arena da Baixada
10% Opera de Arame
10% Feira do Largo da Ordem
10% Rua XV de Novembro
10% Museu Oscar Niemeyer       

**high concentration of fofo and cafunè inside. Consumption can lead to an uncontrolled dodói.
***contains traces of pao de queijo and maté

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