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Original Canned Air From Curacao, gag souvenir, gift, memorabilia

Original Canned Air From Curacao, gag souvenir, gift, memorabilia

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Leave the AC behind and come to Curacao with some refreshing canned air! This middle-sized empty can is a gag souvenir, jam-packed with all your favorite exotic ingredients from around the island, like Saint Anna Bay, Queen Emma Bridge, Rif Fort, and more! Plus, it comes with an extra zing - unworldly trace elements sure to give you just enough of a boost so that all you'll need after each another one. Try not to breathe too deeply though; safety comes first (and second!)

Canned Air from Curacao is a middle-sized empty can, a gag souvenir with witty texts and images printed on it. The can is 88 mm (3,46 in) high and 86mm (3,38 in) in diameter.

The Air Formula is:

20% Saint Anna Bay
10% Queen Emma Bridge
10% Rif Fort
20% Christoffel National Park
10% Blue Curaçao*
10% Fort Nassau
10% Aloe Vera Plantation
10% Seaquarium Beach

*Curaçao aromatherapy may have negative effects on your health.
Unusual high concentrations of trace elements from Willemstad area
High concentration of sunshine is present.

Take a deep breath of Curacao's sweet relief! Our island has all the vibrant vibes and warm welcomes to keep your nostalgia at bay. Plus, our famous former Dutch residence adds an extra layer of sunny safety - not to mention it's 100% bio-friendly too! So chill with us on this Caribbean paradise; you won't want those worries back in any way!

Take a piece of joy home with you! If your day isn't going according to plan, crack open an Air from Curacao. You may not be able to teleport back in time and relive the good times spent there, but this can will make sure those moments are never forgotten for everyone involved - even if they've never been before! Get yourself or someone else something unique that'll really stand out; it's better than any standard souvenirs like magnets and plates could ever give.

Calling all design aficionados and connoisseurs of comedy - the Canned Air series is here to give you a breath (pun intended) of fresh artistic air! Look close for delightful details that'll leave your funny bone tickled with delight. 

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