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Canned Air From California

Canned Air From California

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With Canned Air from California, you can take a piece of the Golden State anywhere! This funny and witty memento is 3.46 inches tall with 86mm in diameter—the ideal size for adventuring on the go.

The air has been carefully crafted to give an unforgettable mix of Yosemite National Park's crispness, Anaheim's vibrant scents engulfing Lake Tahoe, Los Angeles' smoggy atmosphere San Diego’s subtle nuances plus Joshua Tree National Park and Big Sur Coastline greatness is thrown into one bottle made up with 10% each – totally biofriendly too so what are you waiting for?!

Get ready to be transported straight across all that California stands for - no matter where your feet may land!

Take a deep breath of the California dream with Fattrol Canned Air! No matter where you are, feel like an authentic local and experience all that Golden State has to offer. For stress relief or nostalgia - get ready for your next trip down memory lane without ever having to leave home; it's loaded with friendly vibes & flecks of gold from days gone by so you can follow the rainbow wherever life takes you!

The Air Formula is:

20% Yosemite National Park
10% Anaheim
10% Lake Tahoe
20% Los Angeles smog
10% San Diego
10% Joshua Tree National Park
10% San Francisco Bay Area
10% Big Sur Coastline

*this air is legal for recreational use since late 2016
**contains traces of gold rush 

Take a break from your everyday life and enjoy the sweet smell of success with this great California gift idea! 

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