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Canned Air From Barcelona

Canned Air From Barcelona

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Take a bit of Barcelona with you wherever your travels take you! With Canned Air from the beautiful city, joke gifts don't get much better than this. Needing only 88mm (3.46 in) to deliver all that unique Mediterranean charm and culture - including La Sagrada Família, Las Ramblas & Museu Nacional d’art de Catalunya – it's like holding an entire skyline in the palm of your hand!

Step into Barcelona without ever leaving your home! The air formula is a delightful mix of the greatest attractions in town, like Park Güell and Camp Nou. Not to mention traces of Plaça d'Espanya and Port Vell that will make you feel right at home. And if all else fails, add some cava or jamón ibérico for an instant getaway experience!

Take a trip to Barcelona without even leaving the house! Canned Air from Barcelona is here, containing 100% Bio air that will reduce stress and give you some serious nostalgia. It's perfect for those who love good design, humor, AND attention to detail - an all-in-one package ideal for gifting (or just keeping). So why wait? Get your dose of Catalan charm today with Canned Air from Barcelona!

The Air Formula is:

20% La Sagrada Família
10% Las Ramblas
10% Museu Nacional d’art de Catalunya
20% Montjuïc
10% Park Güell
10% Camp Nou
10% Barceloneta
10% Parc de la Ciutadella

*May contain traces of Plaça d'Espanya, Port Vell and Mercat de la Boqueria.
*strong cava and jamón ibérico scent inside. 

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