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Air of Patagonia

Air of Patagonia

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Discover the ultimate gag gift: Canned Air from Patagonia! This pocket-sized can is filled with wit and humor thanks to its cleverly printed texts and images. It's just 3,46 inches (88mm) high by 3,38 (86mm) inches wide - the perfect size for a unique souvenir that will make anyone smile!

Experience the freshness and purity of Patagonia with Canned Air from Patagonia. Whether as a prank or token of appreciation, this novelty gift will make anyone smile and enjoy the beauty of nature without having to leave the comfort of home. 

The Air Formula is:

20% Mount Fitz Roy
10% Nahuel Huapi Lake
10% Punta Arenas*
20% Perito Moreno Glacier
10% Neuquén
10% Copahue Provincial Park
10% Cordillera del Paine
10% Península Valdés

*this can may cause severe weather conditions.
*should contain no CO2 inclusions.
*may contain traces of fossilized skeletons.
* the can may inch forward up to 2mm per day.

Nothing freshens up a room like Patagonia's canned air! This 100% natural product can help bring joy into your life; it won't just lift spirits but also cure those unanswerable moments of ennui. Change to this eco-friendly alternative today, leaving behind all other trinkets for something truly special that everyone will discuss!

Enjoy the fun and creativity of packaging design with Canned Air! These playful artistic creations will bring out a sense of joy in even the most detail-oriented art lovers, mixing humor into their proud collections.

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