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Original Canned Air From Salt Lake City

Original Canned Air From Salt Lake City

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On the go, capture the essence of Salt Lake City with this unique and one-of-a-kind gift: "Air from Salt Lake City" in an adorable, middle-sized can! You'll be able to transport all the daring adventures you had there wherever your travels take you. Don't forget a piece (or two) of world heritage that fits perfectly into any suitcase or pocket.

Experiencing the sights and sounds of Salt Lake City has never been easier, thanks to "Air from Salt Lake City"! Our special formula captures all the essence of big landmarks such as Temple Square, The Gateway and Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Every week we receive a fresh shipment straight from Utah - so you can guarantee an authentic experience! And don't be surprised if heavy doses cause conversion into Mormonism...just remember to open with caution because there may be snow inside! Packed full of historical flavour like ZCMI Center Mall or Liberty Park this item is perfect for any fan looking to reconnect with SLC's rich history.

Air formula:

20% Temple Square
10% The Gateway
10% Capitol Hill
20% Big Cottonwood Canyon
10% Hogle Zoo
10% Liberty Park and Tracy Aviary
10% Library Square
10% Joseph Smith Memorial Building

*Large quantities of SLC air may cause conversion to Mormonism.
*Open carefully, snow may fall out.
*Contains traces of Salt Lake Theater and ZCMI Center Mall.

Tired of your same old routine and in need of a pick-me-up? Send yourself an Air hug from Salt Lake City! Our 100% bio air is lovingly handcrafted, so you can get that refreshing taste - even if it’s just through remembering. Homesickness, nostalgia or stress: no worries; our cans provide relief anytime, anywhere – with directions written in English for perfect comprehension every time! Get on board to remember those good ol' times while creating new ones…don't forget to bring extra airs along ;)

Why settle for boring magnets, mugs or plates when you can gift the best present ever - the Air of Salt Lake City! Let your friends and family experience something new with this unique souvenir. And if anyone casts doubt? Don't worry; just crack open that shiny tin to let them inhale all its wonder-filled wonders!

But wait there's more... we've got other amazing cities on our radar ready to be canned up soon too. Get excited folks!!

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