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Canned Air From Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Canned Air From Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

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et hitched in Sin City with our Las Vegas Canned Air! Perfect for any fan of this electric city, each middle-sized can measures 88mm tall and 86mm wide - packed to the brim (wink) with a unique formula featuring 20% The Strip, 10% Fremont East District... even Elvis's sweat (hey now).

Just remember that taking three or more cans out of town requires over 16 years old status AND a valid ID. Let us know when you make it official alright?

The Air Formula is:

20% The Strip
10% Fremont East District
10% Cirque du Soleil
20% Welcome to Las Vegas Sign
10% Elvis's sweat (according to some witnesses)
10% Venetian
10% Stratosphere Tower
10% Bellagio Fountains

*you are not allowed to buy these cans for more than three persons besides yourself at any one given time.
*you need to be over 16 years old, have valid identification and a SSN to get married in front of this can.
*contains traces of Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon.
*strong scent of money and desperation inside.

Looking for a cure-all? Look no further than the excellent Fattrol Air of Las Vegas! Fresh from Sin City, this 100% bio product will relieve any stress or homesickness.

You can even experience all that ‘Vegas has to offer without ever having left your home - order up one (or more!) cans and be transported into an oasis at any time. So beat those blues with a special souvenir directly from the heart of Nevada’s most famous city!

Have a friend or family member that appreciates the finer things in life? Introducing: The Air of Las Vegas – an art project sure to turn heads with its creative package design, tongue-in-cheek humor and attention to detail. Forget ordinary souvenirs like magnets and cups; pick up something truly memorable!

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