Original Canned Valentine's Day Spirit


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The Original Canned Valentine's Day Spirit is a middle-sized can filled with the spirit of love. The can is 88 mm (3,46 in) high and 86mm (3,38 in) in diameter.

The Spirit Formula is:

20% Insane Romance
10% Compassion
10% Happiness
20% Desire and Passion
10% Kindness and Forgiveness
10% Devotion and Affection
10% Trust and Honesty
10% Respect and Security

*Love is in the air after opening, be careful. Don't use in public places.
*Has a strong positive impact on both men’s and women's feelings.

The product is 100% bio. The Spirit will never leave you alone, it plays with your emotions, may serve as a light in the deepest darkest hour.

The Spirit is a great gift for the loved ones, great way to celebrate your love and mutual affection.

This can is a universal version of Canned Love Spirit, which is available as a custom item in our shop.

ATTENTION! Please order the can on time before February 14th, leave at least two weeks for the delivery. We cannot influence the work of USPS and therefore guarantee specific delivery dates. Don't miss on the opportunity to surprise your loved ones, order in advance.

Shipping Time:

USA&Canada: 10-20+ working days (depends on location, the median is 10-14 days)
EUROPE: 2-5+ working days
Australia & Oceania: 10-20+ days working days
Japan: around 6 days

Express shipping Worldwide: 3-5 days (+ 50-90 USD depending on location – please ask for a quote)


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